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Unnifidata product


A lightweight device to fit in your pocket, with a battery life of 8+ hours.


Works with multiple operators to help you access the best network at all times.


With embedded 128-bit encryption, the Unnifi presents a safer method of getting online.

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The UNNIfi is a lovely little device that helped me save the day when my work space did not have internet. Had a conference call and it worked without a single glitch all day! Have used it in several countries in both Asia and Europe so far and internet has always been super fast. Easy top-up and same data balance can be used all over the world. Recommended for travelers and business users alike!

Anita Ghosal

Good reception and very handy. Beats looking for SIM card sellers all the time. Strongly recommend it.

Trey Ng

Great device for travel and great customer service experience. Had queries when I first received the device and customer service promptly answered my questions. Have used the device in Columbia and Peru. Works well and hassle free. Don't need to keep changing SIM cards. Was pleasantly surprised when Unnitel contacted me to check of device was working well? Great follow through.

Alvin Er

During these pandemic times when is so hard to plan for any travel, Unnifi service comes particularly handy. Having no expiration on its data plans, it allows to rest assure that if a trip got cancelled and pushed back a month, you won't be losing money on other data plans that are paid by the month.

Nelson Hernández

Unnifi devices have been a heaven-sent solution for my team across the Asia Pacific region. Easy to set up, even for the less techy users, with fantastic customer support, and plans that are overly easy to understand Unnifi, have given us one thing less to worry about to stay connected.

Alfonso Castillo

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